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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When Phones Were Immobile and Lived in Red Boxes (RED BOXES)

When Phones Were Immobile and Lived in Red Boxes (RED BOXES) An illustrated book of childhood memories 1939-1953
When I was young, having few toys or books, I lived largely in a world of my own imagination. I would turn cornflowers into fairies by giving them matchstick arms and legs. I would decorate a cow-pat with sticks and wild flowers and think of it as the birthday cake I never had. (It was not eaten!). We had concerts in an attic - winding up the old gramophone and dancing to ballet music. I rarely went more than a few miles from home. Holidays were for the well-off. We were terribly ignorant and naive but we were free to be children. This book is a peek into a different world - a world of innocent childhood and where dreams can sometimes come true.
Chapter one Schooldays: sewage, sex, sport and school dinners
Chapter two No NHS!
Chapter three Of God and bananas
Chapter four Of war and play
Chapter five Innocent youth or just plain daft!
Chapter six Family affairs
Chapter seven I want to be a designer
Chapter eight Moving on to where I started!
Chapter nine Boys!
Chapter ten You shall go to the ball!
Conclusion The beginning of the new

This little book is a trip down memory lane. Just dip into its pages. If you think it quite unbelievable what we thought and did in those days, believe me, we would have laughed at the very idea of men on the moon and a handy in your pocket! As for sex, that was as hush-hush as state secrets. But, delve into these pages and all will be revealed!

This book is presently out of print. The new extended edition is now available. The first edition sold one to ten copies at a time. Copies were passed around families. Read the first two chapters and reviews
at Magpies Nest Publishing.

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