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Friday, April 17, 2009

Smouldering Embers (Blazing Embers)… keeping love alive and kicking

This book could well have a banner of "Sex and the Over Sixties," or "A granny in search of an orgasm," or maybe "How to keep love alive and kicking."

About the story:
“You see, Alice, everyone’s at it these days. Young folk do it openly but if we oldies did that in public they’d take us off and put us in care!”

After watching late night television, Alice realises what has always been missing from her love life. Her hubby, Roger, has benefited from forty-five years of satisfaction, time for her to experience an orgasmic encounter. First attempts to change things meet with failure. Roger’s friend, debonair Tony Bradshaw, steps into Alice’s life and is determined to alleviate her problem.
Shocked, dismayed and humiliated by Alice’s expectations of a loftier sex life, Roger turns to Tony for advice. But when Roger puts his new knowledge into practice, he does so in his usual ham-fisted way of doing things — he gets a kick out of it but Alice is left with the pain! Will Tony be allowed to succeed where Roger has failed?

Blazing Embers has splendid reviews but I rather like what Aretha Renia (Goodreads) said to me more casually (when, after reading the review she did of my book, I asked her what she enjoyed most in the story). She wrote this:
"Hi! I just loved Alice's encounters with Tony, but I would have to say that the part where she went shopping for "knickers" was my favorite. I also got so frustrated with Roger as she was trying so hard to seduce him. LOL From time to time, I forgot that I was reading a book and started to talk to the characters. LOL. It really is a great book. I also liked the parts describing when she first met Roger. There is so much realism in your writing. I could picture everything as if I were watching it or even a part of it"

Also one by Diane West:
Blazing Embers is a must for all ages. My copy has been passed around and read so many times, by various age groups, that I’ve lost count. That’s the best compliment for any book. My copy looks very tired and worn now, but that means it’s given a lot of pleasure and made a lot of people smile. What better purpose for a good book!

And another by Andrew O'Hara:
Wow. I don't say that often. Ms. Ashley's writing is quite good indeed. There's such a wistful, genuine quality to her style that it's hard not to be drawn in right away. Unpretentious — so nice to see that in writing once in a great while. Very unique, and very charming.

More about Blazing Embers, first chapters, more reviews etc and ordering from the UK publisher can be found at http://www.magpiesnestpublishing.co.uk

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