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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Still Waters Run Deep, Stories Of Hidden Depths

All the stories have Cumbrian settings, although some are imaginary based on actual places and events. Mystery and imagination: humour and horror, love and hate, joy and sorrow, poignancy and lust. Passions run deep wherever you live, Characters may be recognised as known persons even though they are plucked from the author’s imagination, which has been nurtured by a lifetime of observation of human characteristics — especially those little foibles seldom admitted to.
Each tale has an interesting introduction to the setting, or what it was that inspired the story.

Review by Geoff Nelder
(Award Winning author of numerous works — latest novel, Exit, Pursued by a Bee)
‘Don’t be fooled by the writings of Gladys Hobson. She appears like a harmless mature woman and so you settle one afternoon to relax into her stories. Then in goes the hot poker and you find the goings on in Ulverston, ignited passion, and Cumbrian emotions. The wicked are saved by pseudonyms, the innocent by their ignorance. This collection is a jigsaw of zeal and a genuine feel for landscape.’

The book (as all my books) can be ordered from Waterstones or any good bookshop. Or straight from Magpies Nest Publishing. No postage UK but a part postage charge elsewhere to cover extra cost.

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