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On this site are all my books that are in print — novels, anthologies, memoirs. Magpies Nest Publishing (free postage UK) has published ALL my books in the UK. Dare Empire previously published all my novels but now Storm Moon Press is taking over The Dark Mirror and Turquoise Morning Press is now publishing my other four novels. Each publisher sells from site and through major on-line bookstores.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Books On The Move!

September 2012 UPDATE
My Trilogy (Awakening Love, Seduction, Checkmate) and Smouldering Embers (by G.B Hobson) previously published by Dare Empire, will now be published by Turquoise Morning Press and will be available soon

Last year I reported that I had signed contracts with Dare Empire to publish my trilogy worldwide as eBooks. They were then printed in paperback. All these books have now been signed over by Dare Empire to Turquoise Morning Press. The Dark Mirror has been signed up with Storm Moon Press.


  1. This has really gone quickly. And those covers are wonderfully eyecatching!

  2. Thank you, Sheila. Justin James does lovely covers and formatting. Covers etc are part of his Empire work if you are interested.