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Saturday, May 8, 2010

What makes a successful writer?

What makes a successful writer?

A simplistic answer — writing books that are a 'must' read.
But there are thousands, if not millions, of titles that no one has heard of. Many thousands do not get into print, Of those that do, a high percentage are self-published and lack the 'stamp of approval' that known publishers provide, and without which. a book is unlikely to reach bookstore shelves. (God bless the independents that accept them!) Of course, those authors who are of celebrity status (not necessarily good writers) get the publicity needed.

But there is a different kind of success. To actually complete a novel, which can take many months to write, more still to complete edits and so on, is a success story in itself. You really have to WANT to write. Have to be inspired and be true to that 'calling'.

There is little room for a biography in the place provided so I am writing a longer one here.

I was born in 1932, the sixth child of working class parents. We had little more than a dictionary to read in our house. I confess that I would look through it to find rude words — like hospital. (Not rude? Well I found spit in the middle of it). If we had few books, we at least had comics each week — Dandy, Beano, and, later, Film Fun. Maybe not the most prestigious reading matter but they did help and encourage me to read books from the library. Having failed the oral part of the 11 plus, I later took a test to enter the Nottingham Junior Art School. The two -year course did wonders to increase my skills in all subjects.
At sixteen I worked in a clothing factory, training in designing. In less than two years I had my own workroom and was designing for the younger end of the ranges. It was this experience that later enabled to write my first book Awakening Love (which turned into a three book series).
After some years as a freelance designer I trained for teaching. This also has influenced my writing.
I took early retirement from teaching to train for Church ministry. Since I was engaged in duties usually the prerogative of male clergy, it might be said that I helped pioneer the way for women’s ministry within the Church of England. (No women priests and few women preachers, chaplains or women conducting funerals when I was licensed.) Being familiar with Church practices, and issues, enabled me to write When Angels Lie (initially with the pen name Richard L Gray.) Since the main characters are gay priests, I was told by a churchwarden that it would cause a storm in the church. So far only good reviews! (The book is now called The Dark Mirror by G B Hobson and to be published by Storm Moon Press)
Ten years ago, I gained a BA (hons) and it was the freedom I found by using a computer and the pleasure of writing my assignments that took me forward to writing fiction. Not only fiction but an illustrated, humorous book about my early years, When Phones Were Immobile and Lived in RED BOXES. I was a naïve and daft kid and this not only comes out in RED BOXES but a later book called Blazing Embers (initially with the pen name Angela Ashley), a humorous novel with flashbacks to the main character’s youth. Blazing Embers concerns a gran who watches late night TV and decides it is time to get some of the action! (Hubby not so keen!) (Now called Smouldering Embers by G B Hobson)
More recent publications: an anthology called Northern Lights with contributions from nine authors, and my own anthology, Still Waters Run Deep, stories of hidden depths.
The whole Trilogy — Awakening Love, Desire, Checkmate, plus Smouldering Embers, all in the name of G B Hobson are now to be published by Turquoise Morning Press

I have been married 57 years, and have three sons and six grandchildren
A couple of awards maybe, but alas, no glittering prizes— so far! But who knows... at least I have some very good reviews for all my books.

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  2. Thank you, Lloyd.
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