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Friday, February 12, 2010

Seduction... by G B Hobson

SEDUCTION... by G B Hobson

(Will soon be published by Turquoise Morning Press)

Spring 1959

Feeling hot and sticky from the day’s activities, June took a quick shower before slipping into the exquisite white nightdress Rob had given her to try on. Just the feel of its silky smoothness clinging to her body, and the sight of peaked nipples peeping through the lacy top, changed her self-perception. She now felt herself to be a highly desirable woman.
Looking at herself in the mirror, she saw hazel eyes, bright with the surge of sexual pleasure, smiling back at her. Now brushing her dark curly hair, aglow with chestnut highlights, she was pleased to see her pleasant oval face had lost the ageing lines of emotional stress. The youth of her twenty-eight years had been regained — no, more than that, she felt, and looked, younger and more alive than she had done for several years.
She put down her brush and smoothed her hands over her full breasts and down the luxurious fabric to her hips. The strength of her sexuality began to rise even further. She knew Rob had given her the garment deliberately; he understood such things.
She was anxious to know if she was still attractive to him. For reassurance, nothing more. Nervously, she walked to the door, eager yet fearful to enter the bedroom knowing in the depth of her heart what the encounter might lead to.
Much to her surprise, Rob had changed into a black silk kimono, and was looking ruthlessly sexy. He turned and gazed at her. An appreciative smile curled his full lips and softened his chiselled features. In his usual manner when judging clothes, he rubbed a thumb into the deep hollow of his chin. But combined with the narrowing of his penetrating eyes under their heavy brows, the simple action conveyed to her a much deeper meaning.
About the Book:
With the death of June’s husband Arthur, a love once shared with his brother Charles is reawakened. But an indiscretion from the past, involving her ruthless partner-in-design — Robert Watson — threatens their relationship.

Romance, lust and intrigue: Robert Watson, renowned for both his business and sexual prowess, is determined to have his own way — SEDUCTION by design is his forte!

A word from a ‘fan’
Being a mere male, I don’t normally read Romance, but I find myself mesmerised by Gladys Hobson’s perception of the inclinations of the male psyche… she has a superbly delicate touch when it comes to realistic male sexuality. Her books are well-written, with good plots, and I recommend them to anyone — regardless of their gender. Robert A Taylor (poet)


  1. "Seduction by Design" is a triumph. Entertaining, wild, erotic (sheesh :), and full of enough twists and turns to keep the reader engrossed. A great piece of reading, written with Gladys Hobson's very typical skill!

    Andy O'Hara

  2. Thank you, Andy. I have only just found the comment. That has put a smile on my face!

  3. I agree with your observation completely Andy; I was happy when I was reading 'Seduction by Design', and irritable when I had to put it down.

    I must admit, my normally pacific frame of mind and heart was tested by the character Rob Watson, sod - nay, arch-sod; I hope he gets his comeuppance in the soon to be published sequel, 'Checkmate'.

    If not, I'll have to do a Matrix, and enter the imaginary world of the 'Designed for Love' novels, and nail his schlong to the dunny wall (a fitting Aussie revenge).

  4. 'Vengeance is mine' says I (the author)
    But not the way you think.

    Thank you for your comments.